Haitian Wedding Customs

When it comes to haitian wedding traditions, music and breaking a leg are the primary things that are sure to make your big day unforgettable. Read on to get all you need to learn about these attractive rituals, out of traditional music genres to popular flow styles. And also, learn about the ethnical dress customs that are sure to add a touch of Haitian sparkle to your big day.

Marital relationship in Haiti is considered sacred and there are many traditions that must be adopted in order for a small number of to get married to. For example , it is believed that the woman that has had intimacy with some other man prior to wedding won’t have good luck. Additionally , polygamy is not acceptable in Haiti, although guys can include girlfriends and cohabitate with them. Nevertheless , it is necessary to note that girls must always remain dedicated to their partners.

Customarily, the groom’s family covers the majority of, if only a few, of the wedding ceremony expenses. However , additionally it is common with respect to the bride’s family to contribute too. In order to keep costs low, it is also a practice for couples to request guests by word of mouth rather than employing formal invites.

Haitian wedding events are usually held at individual homes. There exists a lot of music at these kinds of get-togethers, and guests will often take in and dance simultaneously. Favorite food include diri o vépwa (rice and beans), salads, plantains, pikliz, and meats including goat, rooster, and conch. Wine, whisky and wine are also well-liked beverages served at Haitian weddings.

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